Tameside Housing Advice's aim is to
prevent you becoming homeless
Tameside Housing Advice’s aim is to
prevent you becoming homeless


Tameside Housing Advice continues to support customers who are homeless or threatened with Homelessness, but we are changing the way we deliver the service.


Changes to the service


If you are threatened with homeless please ring 0161 331 2700 and you will be given a telephone appointment to discuss your housing situation


If you are homeless tonight and do not have a home ring 0161 331 2700 and you will be given an appointment to attend the office. In line with safety guide lines there is a limited number of people allowed in the reception area at any one time. Therefore you may be advised, the head of the household is the only person to attend the office for the interview.



Once you have been given an appointment time to attend the office,(usually same day) please arrive at your appointment time and ring the bell on the front door.


Once you have been invited into the office, you will be asked to sanitize your hands prior to being directed to an interview room. Once you are in the interview room please keep safe distance of 2 metres from the fixed desk during your interview.

When you visit us please bring information that supports what you tell us. This might include

• proof of identity or immigration status
• an eviction notice
• proof of any medical conditions
• a GP’s letter that proves you are pregnant
• proof of benefit
• proof of date of birth for you and your household

Bringing this information will avoid you having to return back to the office on an arranged appointment and will reduce the time taken to assess your homeless application.

Information about private
and social housing

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What to do if you are worried
you might lose your home

Credit Card Icon
Debt advice: What may stop you being able to find a new home

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Help & support when struggling to live independently

Duty to Refer
Duty to Refer

There’s lots of reasons people get into housing difficulties. Facing homelessness is stressful and you need to know the options available to help solve your housing problem. In many cases by taking action straight away, your homelessness can be avoided.

If you’re facing housing difficulties, the most important thing to do is get advice as soon as possible. If you think you are, or may be about to become homeless, contact Tameside Housing Advice on 0161 331 2700.

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