Advice For Landlords

Advice for landlords

Tameside Housing Advice, in partnership with Tameside Council, is committed to the development of lettings within the private sector. Our service currently assists clients in finding suitable secure accommodation within the private sector with initiatives such as the Tameside Bond Scheme. Due to the current lack of Social Housing the private sector has become an important source of properties for the residents in the borough, working together with local landlords and property owners our aim is to secure sustainable tenancies.

Landlords/owners who are wishing to let their properties or gain expert impartial advice on housing issues can contact our service at Tameside Housing Advice at any time.

    • You must provide the tenant with a valid tenancy agreement with a 6 month standard ‘assured shorthold tenancy.
    • You cannot serve notice within the first 4 months a standard notice to leave (section 21), signed and dated, should request to leave on or after a 2 month period.
    • You can only apply to court to have possession (section 8) and the tenant leave sooner if they are seriously breaching the tenancy agreement (example: at least 2 months in arrears, major anti-social behaviour).
    • You must put the client’s deposit into one of the governments approved online protection schemes (failure to do so normally results in the court awarding 3 x deposit value to the tenant).
    • You must have an annual ‘gas safety certificate’ inspection on the property (legal requirement).
    • You must have a valid EPC on the property before it is let (legal requirement).
    • You must have the correct mortgage on the property (if subject to) allowing the property to be let.
    • You should have an ‘electrical safety certificate’ inspection on the property (NOT a legal requirement).
    • You should give adequate notice to a client (advised 48 hours) of any inspection.
    • You do not have to provide furniture in the property.
    • You should check that the tenant’s household members are eligible for that size property (children sharing etc) before they sign the tenancy agreement; in case the client is/has to claim housing benefit.
    • You should have landlord’s building insurance on the property.
    • Since 1st February 2016, it is a legal requirement for landlords to ensure they have completed the ‘right to rent’ check for each adult occupant using their property as their only or main home. For more information click here
  • The Tameside Bond Scheme is a free service, which offers protection against damage in the form of a bond certificate instead of a cash deposit; this service is in place to assist clients who would not normally be able to afford the initial cash outlay to move into a property they have chosen. There are certain criteria for both the property and the client, the main two being:

    • The property must be in the Borough of Tameside
    • The client must have a genuine reason for needing to move

    Since April 2009 it has been illegal for any private landlord to take a cash deposit without putting it into one of the government’s approved ‘deposit protection schemes’, having a bond is an alternative to this.

    Due to the lack of social housing we try to assist clients into the private sector – this can be done through our bond scheme, if a client approaches us requiring a bond it normally means they do not have the funds accessible to assist themselves in acquiring the private rented property.

    We can provide a bond certificate, which will cover any damage caused to the property. Any damage goes through a claim process and if correct the council pay the landlord for the cost. We also cover the administrative work and you will have one point of contact to deal with these enquiries. Due to our experience we can also advise you legally the best way to protect yourself as a landlord (under the Housing Act).

    The council has this scheme to help prevent homelessness and encourage sustainability, therefore our clients use this scheme as it assists them into a new property by which they may have struggled to secure. Landlords use our scheme for the cover of any damages. All that is required from the landlord’s side is to complete a landlord checklist of statutory requirements they must meet to let the property, such as a current gas certificate (periodical statutory requirement) and an EPC (energy performance certificate). The client and landlord complete a visual inspection and property suitability checklist, along with an inventory at the property and confirm any outstanding damage before the let is agreed. Besides that, everything will be completed from our side.

    If you require further details or have any questions relating to the bond scheme, please contact Tameside Housing Advice by telephone – 0161 331 2700 or via email